School counselors deserve high-quality resources and support. 

We do the heavy lifting of reading the research and creating the curriculum so that you can focus entirely on being the amazing school counselor you are.


You became a school counselor for a reason.

It brings you joy to support your school community, help students succeed, counsel kids, and promote your students' social emotional development!


You barely have enough time to deliver your services and coordinate programming - let alone try to create or find engaging resources informed by research. Or seek out new professional learning opportunities.

The good news...

With Your Counseling Compass, you don't have to waste your precious school time (or personal time) with that anymore.

Imagine what will happen when you have...


Research-Informed Resources

An all-access vault of comprehensive and highly engaging activities that are full of relevant scenarios your students can really connect with?


Actionable PD in Your Pocket

No-fluff trainings delivered each month that give you the knowledge and strategies that prepare you to support your school intentionally and effectively


Compassionate Community

A space where people truly understand where you're coming from, where you can safely ask the hard questions, celebrate your wins, and feel supported

Your Counseling Compass puts all of this together to save you time, and support you in being an organized, confident, and fulfilled counselor!

Hello, counselor friends! I'm Sara.

And I know how it feels to try being the best school counselor you can be (while also being extraordinarily strapped for time). I know the highs, the lows, the challenges, and the successes.

And through research, reading, and experience, I've learned what really works (for school counselors and for students!).

For nearly a decade, I've been creating resources and speaking at conferences (five-time ASCA presenter!) to share what I've learned with others. Now, I have a way to provide even more support. A way to get counselors what they need, when they need it.

"Having access to all of the resources in Your Counseling Compass has been a game changer for me. It has quickly become my go to as new needs pop up! Knowing they’re resources I can trust and are low prep for me has saved me so much time! I also appreciate the training and community pieces to learn with and from others in similar roles!"
 -Angelica O.


Here's what's inside:


  • Growing library of over 230 counseling and social emotional resources

  • ASCA and CASEL aligned

  • Created by counselors, for counselors

  • Research-based (and still engaging for students!)

It's curriculum that will make you excited to teach lessons, run groups, and consult on behavior (yes, even the trickiest classes and cases!)



Sharing the best strategies and ideas with you in practical, digestible, and applicable ways. 

These twice-a-month podcast episodes are no filler, up to date, zero advertising, and full of actionable strategies. (Not a podcast listener? You can listen online, too!)


Use of Time Tracker

Compass Counselors also get exclusive access to an easy-to-use use of time tracker. It's a tool we created in google sheets that allows you to track your time in order to advocate for your role so you can spend more time doing what really makes a difference. And when we say easy-to-use, we mean it. Super easy and intuitive, and zero percent overwhelming!

Searchable Book Database

We've built you a database with hundreds of children's SEL and counseling books - and we've designed it so that you can search it by category, keyword, and/or grade level. Then, voila, you have our recommended books! Title, cover photo, Amazon link, etc. Counselor-tested books to use with your students...without all the time searching for them.

Supportive Community

Compass Counselors get it. Our private Facebook community is like having hundreds of compassionate virtual co-counselors. Inside, we do challenges, engage in book studies together, and provide support to one another. It's a thoughtful, like-minded crew that meets one another where we are. Plus there are giveaways each month :-)


Your Counseling Compass and Evidence-Based School Counseling

 Evidence-based school counseling means using your knowledge of student needs to implement research-based or evidence-based interventions, and then evaluating their impact.

The resources inside Your Counseling Compass are research-based!

That means we’ve incorporated what the research says is effective practice (and crucial skills) within SEL, group counseling, and children’s mental health into our resources. We've included multiple data collection tools, too.

Q: What if I already own a lot of your resources? 

That's great! Because it means you already know how engaging and effective our tools are. And you probably don't have all 230+ of them yet - this membership gives you access to over $825 worth of resources, plus all of the new ones we create while you're with us. 

The membership is also about more than just resources! The ongoing professional development and support will profoundly serve you in an entirely additional way.

Become a Compass Counselor

and get instant access to school counseling tools that make your job easier and more impactful.

Monthly Membership

$23 each month

  • All access to 230+ school counseling and SEL resources

  • First access to all new resources created by The Responsive Counselor

  • Bite-sized trainings each month on topics members choose

  • Private and supportive FB community with challenges and book studies

  • Exclusive use-of-time data tracking tool

  • Counseling and SEL children's book database

  • Less than 77 cents a day

Join Monthly

Yearly Membership

$230 each year

  • All access to 230+ school counseling and SEL resources

  • First access to all new resources created by The Responsive Counselor

  • Bite-sized trainings each month on topics members choose

  • Private and supportive FB community with challenges and book studies

  • Exclusive use-of-time data tracking tool

  • Counseling and SEL children's book database

  • Two¬†months FREE!

Join Annually

Here's what you can expect:

  • You're¬†seeing social emotional growth in your students as a result of your lessons and interventions

  • You've got more time for your friends, family, and hobbies¬†(you've stopped spending hours searching or planning for lessons and activities)

  • You feel connected to the profession and other like-minded counselors

...and you're walking into school with a pep in your step, knowing you've got what you need to really make a difference with your students!


Who is Your Counseling Compass right for?

This IS right for you if...

  • You're an elementary school counselor or social worker
  • You don't have easy access to all of the engaging and effective¬† counseling resources you need
  • You'd rather focus on delivering services and programming vs. using your time and mental energy searching for and creating activities
  • Your district doesn't provide you with regular, relevant¬†PD
  • You feel confident joining because you can see how helpful this will be for you

This is NOT the best fit if...

  • You work primarily with middle or high school students
  • You¬†already have access to all of the resources you need that you love and your students grow from
  • You're a big fan of DIY and don't mind spending time at school and home searching for and/or creating curriculum from scratch
  • You get regular (and great) PD from your district
  • The monthly fee would be a financial hardship for you

What else can we answer for you?

Have another question?


We are happy to partner with schools and districts in order for counselors to gain access to the program.