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Professional Development for School Counselors That You Can Actually Use 

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Want new strategies for serving your students and school?

Looking for relevant trainings full of ready-to-use ideas backed by research?

You are in the exact right place.

I've served over 1,500 counselors through professional development workshops and I can't wait to help YOU next!

Imagine if you could have...

Targeted Training for School Professionals

The Unlocking trainings are specifically tailored for school counselors, social workers, and school psychologists who want to be intentional about their core SEL curriculum, group counseling services, and individual counseling sessions.

You'll walk away from the trainings with confidence in your ability to effectively serve their school in all three tiers!


Practical Resources and Tools for Success

These workshops provide counselors with a range of practical resources, including handouts to put the ideas into place and easy-to-watch videos that you can watch (or just listen to!) on demand.

You'll be equipped with developmentally-appropriate and kid-friendly ideas that truly make an impact. 

Comprehensive + Engaging PD (Without the Overwhelm)

Have you ever gone to a PD session that dove so far into theory that you weren't sure when they'd actually get to the good stuff?

Or have you been to trainings that dumped so much on you that you worried you'd never be able to actually use any  of it?

With the Unlocking school counseling trainings, you'll get the information you need without feeling bored or overwhelmed!

Hey, counselor colleagues!

When I started out as an school counselor in 2012, I had a strong background from grad school, but I didn't have all of the tools and interventions needed to make the impact I dreamed of. 

My fix? I started looking into research-based practices, creating my own resources, and focusing on being responsive to the changing needs of our students. After seeing tremendous growth, I started sharing about my ideas as The Responsive Counselor!

With 10 years of experience, I get to be a school counselor in a different way now – by serving fellow counselors like you!

💛 Sara, M.Ed. Human Development Counseling and M.S. Community Research & Action


Unlocking Tier 1 School Counseling

Want to create a curriculum map and plan SEL lessons that are research-based, fun, and a great fit for your students? This training has got you covered!


Unlocking Tier 2 School Counseling

Need to learn how to run small group counseling sessions that lead to measurable growth? You can find ALL the details for planning and leading groups that work in this group counseling professional development!


Unlocking CBT In School Counseling

Love cognitive behavioral theory but not sure how to effectively use it with your school-age kiddos? This training is full of evidence-based intervention ideas for anxiety, anger, and sadness!


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