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You know groups are important, but maybe you aren't sure if your groups are effective.


Sometimes you find yourself scrambling to figure out what to do two minutes before the kiddos walk in.


And maybe you hate to admit that sometimes you dread groups because it's so hard to know where to start or what to do or what data you're supposed to be using.

But, despite all the challenges that come with groups (including the fact that most of us didn't really learn how to do them in grad school...), you believe in their power and potential.


You know they are an evidence-based intervention and you are committed to rocking your next round of them.

So what if you could have...

Unlocking Tier 2 School Counseling has you covered!


It's a self-paced virtual training that combines the best practices in group counseling with the realities of working in an elementary school!


And instead of leaving you feeling overwhelmed, you'll finish the course feeling empowered, confident, and excited.


0 - Welcome

Orient yourself to the workshop and learn how to get the most out the training

1 - Planning + Logistics

Go step by step through the pieces of planning a group from referrals, to objectives, organization, data, and more

2 - Outlines + Activities

Dive deeper into three types of groups (support, psychoeducational, SEL/resiliency) including example group outlines, plus activities for any type of group

3 - Relationships + Reinforcement

Strategies for intentionally building connections, reinforcing skills so they stick, and behavior management that keeps the group flowing smoothly

4 - More Tier 2

When group isn't the right fit, or when students need more, there are other tier 2 social/emotional/behavioral interventions to try


Workshop members also get resources and course exclusive printables to take what you learn in the training and put it into practice!

Including: outline templates, session templates, caregiver notes, skills assessment, pre/post surveys, first session and last session activities, counseling routines, and more!

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Hey, counselor colleagues!

Ten years ago, I knew that group counseling was important - and so I ran lots of groups! The problem was...they didn't always work. The students didn't always actually grow. It was incredibly disheartening!
So I dove into research and books and revamped everything from data to routines to activities. Each group became intentionally planned to meet the needs of the students. And then? My groups became significantly more successful!
I am excited and honored about the chance to serve other school counselors with a strategy-packed and easy-to-follow workshop, that helps you run counseling groups that result in real change. Come on in!
<3 Sara

How does this training work?

1. Get cozy, grab a pen, and get ready to watch the pre-recorded videos wherever you want, whenever you want!
2. Go through each of the five strategy-packed modules at your own pace!
3. Feel confident, prepared, and energized about running impactful groups!

Counselors want to know...

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Grab Unlocking Tier 2 or SAVE by getting all three workshops together!


Meet The Counselor

  • Over ten years as an elementary school counselor, curriculum designer, and professional development provider
  • M.Ed. Human Development Counseling and M.S. Community Research & Action
  • American School Counseling Association conference speaker
  • Effective school counseling enthusiast

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2.5+ Hours of Videos

Plus a PDF certificate you can submit for CEUs

Printable Resources

Tools for planning groups and for using directly with students 

Continued Support

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